Are Spywares & Viruses Getting Out of Control?

Reality these days is most adware and spyware don’t go away from your PC with just a click of a button as these so-called software vendors claim. To make matters worst, a lot of the top anti-virus software vendors DON’T REMOVE all the viruses from the machine.

We ran tests in our Lab and found that there is NO ONE anti-virus or spyware adware removal software to do the complete job. Most of these software vendors just take your money and give you FALSE HOPE in thinking that their software did the job.

You can NEVER CIRCUMVENT a real computer technician. No matter how much softwares you buy to do the job. There are many people who try to do the jobs themselves, and just make things worst. The easy solution to all the virus and security threats out there is to simply find a GOOD TECH COMPANY and have them do a PROFESSIONAL SECURITY AUDIT on your PC.

We tried Norton on our lab machines, and found out that they find SOME viruses, not all.

We did the same with AVG, Bit Defender, Kaspersky, PC Cillin.. and many more.

As far as spyware softwares go, a lot of these anti spyware softwares out there give you spyware. There are a few good ones out there, but most of them are just a waste of time and money.

To summarise, leave the hard stuff to the professionals. Let them do the work while you relax.

As consumers and computer consultants, we would say that experience is the greatest teacher.

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