Brighthouse Networks – Phone Service Review

For some time now the cable companies have been experimenting by offering phone services to consumers and businesses. They have put a lot of pressure on the traditional companies like ATT & Verizon where these companies had to drop their prices and offer more to their clients. We have tested the 2, the traditional phone company provider and the cable company provider for phone service and our advice is to stick with the traditional companies. Why? They have been doing it for years and they are not experimenting, their main focus is deploying new customers. Rather, on the other hand the cable companies experiment, then they experiment, and then they do more experimenting at “your expense.” Meaning you pay for their service when it stays up and when it goes down.
One company that comes to mind is “Brighthouse Networks.” They are by far “the worst” cable company when it comes to reliability and when it comes to the phone service, they fail miserably. Their phone services went out at least 2 times this year leaving possibly over hundreds of thousands of Central Florida customers without service. Keep in mind that they service over 1 million Central Florida homes alone, not to mention the amount of small businesses that rely on them. What does this mean? Customers who had their service “could NOT” make or receive phone calls. So if there was an emergency and you had to dial “911” for help, forget about it. The phone would not work. Having said this, this goes against the E911 compliant requirement. A so-called phone company like Brighthouse Networks is supposed to provide a way to make or receive emergency calls in case of an emergency. In other words, why do they have you fill out the E911 compliance form? Surely not for a “CYA” (cover your ass) on their end. Well that is part of it but not the whole complete thing.
What does this means to business owners who have Brighthouse? When they have another outage, your customers cannot reach you, and you cannot reach your customers. If there was a fire, or theft, or some other emergency and you relied on that phone line you had with them to alert the proper authorities to the emergency, it would not.
What do you do? “Switch companies.” If you value your company, your safety,the safety of your employees, etc… switch to a company that have proven to be successful all these years in providing phone services. ATT, Verizon, Sprint, are examples of companies that have a business model centered around providing reliable phone service. Don’t just pick a phone provider based on price. Cheap is not always good, sometimes too cheap can cost you more. The thing is “that more” can be your life, now put a price on that 😉 .
Another issue that was very astonishing was the fact that the last few times Brighthouse Networks had an outage on their phones that affected their entire central Florida area, it was never mentioned on their News Network which is Channel 13 News, which broadcast (or repeats) 24 x 7. In other words, they are a cable company that offers cable services, internet services, phone services and news services.

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