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Fonality Review

Fonality Review from a customer of theirs.

Fonality should stick with just doing software development rather than experimenting with phone service. It is something that is 101% out their business model and something that they are incapabale of doing successfull. This is not an OPINION, its our story with them thus making it a FACT.

We decided to try Fonality based on a few things:

1. Their services at the time seemed reasonable but then we found out that cheap = downtime and excuses for lack of proper service.

2. Their sales person “(name removed as per person’s kind request)” make a lot of promises that sounded so promising but in the end turned up to be half lies. Even the part about referral payments for clients referred to them.  From our experience, their sales people who make false promises as to say “refer us some people to take advantage of our ‘expiring offer’ and we will give you “x amount of $$ per referral”.  We are still waiting for the check in the mail since then.  When we contacted this person about “keeping their word” they came up with some lame excuse as “hey I got promoted and you have to ask someone else about that”.

3. Their billing department was available during the beginning, then NO ONE was available for about 3 weeks. You had to leave them voicemails or send emails to discuss a billing issue.  It seems that their billing department has about 2 – 3 people working in it but they boast about have over 5,000 clients.  The question is, how can such a small billing department handle all the billing request of that many customers.  Keep in mind as per one of their billing person recently, they just hire more people 🙂 due to the overwhelming new boom in business????????

4. We were told by their sales people that some of their support personel left companies like “Packet 8” and other companies to work for Fonality. But, when you call these support people, 90% of the time you CAN NOT get them on the phone.

5. We ported a number in to them, but when the port finally went through, they DID NOT set it up in their system which resulted in over 1 week loss of important calls and business.  (Name Removed) from their porting department came up with excuses saying that it was our job to call them and that it was our responsibility.  If this were so, why is it that they are the first ones as a ‘wannah be’ phone company that ever came up with this excuse?  We’ve even done business with smaller VOIP companies before and never got a lamer excuse than that.  Obviously they clearly don’t believe in “the customer is always right” even when Fonality was clearly wrong and tried blaming us for their crap.  The person from the porting department also never even apologized for their lack of.  She then started to blame the support department and asked me to call them to resolve the issue.  She was also  blaming the support department saying that they were responsible for setting up the number in their system.

6.  Their call quality sounded good at first but then even that started to go down the drain.  They tried blaming the ISP (changed it 2 times), and they blamed the routers (changed that too).  The real secret that is hidden is we found out after making a phone call to an Associate that Fonality is using Broadvoice as a backbone provider.  For those of you who don’t know of Broadvoice, they are a company like Vonage, BUT their call quality is horrible and their customer service is worst than their service.  They also have issues with porting away numbers from them.  They actually deny ports and we have proof of that too since we were once Broadvoice customers and had a rumble with them.  Just to further inform you, GNAPS (The carrier) and Broadvoice have the same owners.  (We will write a review on broadvoice soon)

7.  They seemed organized and had it together at first (all sales talk) BUT, when we started to face issues we started to get the run around.  From sales, to billing, to support, to porting.  We did have a big issue when we got some new numbers at first from them and found out the next day that the numbers stopped working.  This happened several times with different phone numbers issued by them.  It took about 3 days for them to fix something as simple as giving WORKING NUMBERS to use for doing business.  We got so frustrated that we almost called their carrier (because they made a big mistake and forwarded us an email with the carrier information – which is to show you how dis-organized they are).  They were using Inphonex or Varphonex for the DID’s (phone numbers).

To top things off.  Not long ago they had a NON WORKING NUMBER on their site (keep in mind this was the number we used to contact them all the time) and when we called it, it was giving some bogus messages.  How can a phone company have a none working phone number?  A phone number (DID) only costs about $1 or less plus trunk or minute usage.

Overall we rank them as a 1/10 due to all these issues.  As mentioned above, they are better offer sticking to software development (which they are good at) as they are the developers for Trixbox which is used for VOIP Phone servers.  Fonality seems to want to put other VOIP companies out of business (as per the proud sale talk), but the way they are going now is down a road of putting themselves out of business and possible some of their customers.  We lost business due to their lack of.

For now Fonality’s business phone service is more bark than bite and we would like people to learn from our experience before jumping to a company based on only price and nice sales talk.  At the end of the day, when you have a business to run or operate, you need your phones.

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  1. Fonality
    November 22, 2010

    To Whom It May Concern: I’m responding to this review on behalf of Fonality. I’m sorry for your negative experience and I’d like an opportunity to change your opinion. I can assure you we’d like to remedy the situation and earn your trust. If you’re interested in allowing us a chance to demonstrate our capabilities and win back your business, please email us at and I’ll personally make sure that your concerns and situation are handled carefully.

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  2. Joe Rogan
    March 27, 2012

    If you like big box store mentality then you may be a fit for Fonality. You should expect exceptionally atrocius service. In fact, expect to repeat yourself twenty times, because you will not get the same Fonality person twice. If you are lucky you may get an english speaking person. Expect delays, misrepresentation of fees and other major components to allow their system to function properly. In the end expect to literally throw their phone system in the garbage. Fonality is over stated & over rated

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  3. Fonality Customer
    April 18, 2012


    We signed up with Fonality about 4-5 months ago. I have had issues to deal with everyday! We were promised by Ricoh (the company that installed everything for us and were supposedly “experts”) that the remote phones would work. We were told that we would be able to unplug a phone and take it whereever we wanted and it would work as if they were “right here in our main office”. Having remote phone capability is the main reason we decided to go with VOIP and Fonality. The remote phones never worked. Then, Ricoh told us that we need to purchase a SonicWall to fix the remote phone issue. We spent $1600 on this SonicWall, and our remote phones are still not working. We recently had people move from one office into another (all within the same building) – now, their phones and HUD are not working. There is a new issue everyday. Literally. Another extension was working, now isn’t for no reason. I’m actually on the hold with Fonality right now (for 41 minutes so far), while they attempt to correct the issue.

    I will say that most…well…some of the reps are helpful. It typically takes at least 1-5 hours out of my day to get all of these issues corrected, but I don’t always hang up angry. Sometimes they actually help.

    Bottom line: I would stay away from Ricoh (the supposed experts) and Fonality. Both are way too pricey for the less than mediocre service and product that you receive!

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  4. Unsatisfied Customer
    July 13, 2012

    We have been a Fonality user for the last few years. I am very disappointed we went with them. We would change if it weren’t such a bear to do so.

    They even put our logo on their website as a customer of theirs who made the Inc. 500. I started getting calls from people asking for our honest thoughts on the system. I steered all of them away.

    Their support organization is by far the worst-managed organization I have ever dealt with. It takes some serious teeth pulling to get anything done. They are 100% incompetent and could care less about helping you. They all have the attitude that your call is their inconvenience and your fault. Their support staff is overseas and their English is marginal at best.

    Please spare yourself tons of headache and wasted money. Don’t buy from them. You will regret it, just like we have.

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  5. Brad
    September 8, 2012

    If they had better customer service and could keep the phones on all time time, they’d be the clear winner in the industry, but I’ve lost more business revenue from the phones being down than what it cost to pay for their service. And if the phones do go down, you’ll practically have to slit your wrist to get them to have any urgency about the situation. I’m writing this write now during an outage that is about to reach 5 hours. This is the second outage in 2 weeks. I sent a giant marketing offer yesterday for customers to call. I had extra staff on hand for the extra amount of calls we were expecting. 5 hours into the day, and no calls. This is something like the 10th major outage we’ve had since being with them, and whenever they have an outage, they never, ever, ever, ever offer any credit or renumeration to make off for the damage it does to your business.

    If your business does not rely on phones, then it’s an awesome system. If your business must have reliable phones to have customers reach you, this is not the place for you.

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