Metro PCS vs Sprint

Metro PCS vs Sprint? This question has been asked many times and people generally give the wrong answer. Here is our answer towards this question. Being a Sprint customer for almost six years and a customer who also had Metro PCS, they’re both almost the same. You will see though that Metro PCS offers more for the money and their service is on a mass expansion compared to Sprint.

As far as the money goes, Metro PCS gives you much more for your dollar. Sprint on the other had is VERY EXPENSIVE when compared to Metro PCS. Both with their phones and the plans.

When it comes to the network, based on trial an error. Metro PCS has come a far way from the last on the list to be a worthy competitor of Sprint. Based on our testing, there were times when we were in different spots that Metro PCS was much more better than Sprint. Sprint boasts on its network, however Metro so far has a better network coverage wise vs Sprint. This is based on the towers being in the same rural area. This is also based on making calls, not browsing the internet via the phone devices.

Sprint boast of their 4G network, but where are the phones to support this network? 🙂
This is like building a road with NO CARS to drive on it. Does this make any sense?

Customer service, Sprint has a better customer service, however there are agents who tend to log calls to cover their ass. Meaning they often make you look like the lier just to cover their tracks. Metro PCS is working on building their customer service. They have come from a far.

Contracts. Sprint wants to get you into a contract. Metro PCS, you only need to buy a phone and you typically get the first month of service free. If you have a Sprint phone, most of the time you can have Metro PCS flash it with their software. However sometimes you will have certain limitations.

Features, Metro PCS has some pretty nice features like their Caller ID. Meaning, you can see who is calling even if their are not stored in your phone book. It is not brought to our attention that Sprint has this feature.

International Calls, Metro has a plan where you can make international calls to 100 countries for only $5. This includes unlimited calling to those countries. Sprint does NOT have this feature or anything close. You would think that a company like Sprint that has been around all these years would have something like this.

Text Messages, Metro PCS gives you unlimited international text message. Sprint charges you $0.20 per international text message sent or received.

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  1. Nate
    July 8, 2011

    Good comparison of Metro PCS and Sprint. I think Sprint’s coverage is better overall (at least in the eastern US), and there really is no comparison when it comes to data speeds. There are a lot of phones now that support Sprint’s 4G network, too. Another company that would be good to compare is Lightyear Wireless, a Sprint MVNO with a $59.99 unlimited plan:

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  2. Darkwarrior
    July 3, 2012

    No comparation… Sprint is so much better over all.

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