NANI Stock – Possible PUMP & DUMP Scheme

We got so far 3 email spam about this NANI company within the last 24 hours. Based on our observation it looks like a PUMP & DUMP. The company is out of china as per . The company SIC code is under Metal Mining but yet the company is supposed to be doing Software Development, or that is what their last press release stated. That is like a mechanic doing heart surgery. It will never happen. The Investor Relations company have a New York number but is based from out of Panama. Everything about this company signals smoke screen.  A call was made to that company and they are claiming that they know nothing about these spams and that NANI is no longer their client due to none payment.  The guy on the phone claimed that they were referred to NANI by another third party and refused to give that information.

The whole thing looks like a big PUMP & DUMP BUBBLE.  Other sites are also saying the same thing:


If you have received any of these emails, do not delete them. We can do a joint lawsuit for spam. Each email is a $16,000 fine and so far we received 3 emails.


The emails were sent from:


Read this about SPAM LAWS & FINES:

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