Transfirst Merchant Services – don’t use them

Here is our review from a first hand experience with this stupid company.  Whatever you do, never use Transfirst Merchant Services as a merchant processor.  You are much better off with PayPal than this other company.

Here are a list of reasons why:

  1. Transfirst Merchant Services do not have any structure.
  2. Their company employees especially Mayko Lor act as a smoke screen.
  3. They don’t communicate with their customers.
  4. They don’t like to admit when they are wrong.
  5. You will get your money stuck with them because the people in Transfirst Merchant Services don’t do their job right and most of them need to be fired.

This issue began when we decided to switch merchant processors and try a small company like Transfirst Merchant Services.  Boy did we make the biggest mistake when we did this.  To get to them we had to go through 2 different companies CDG Commerce and Quantum Gateway.  If you need gateway support Quantum Gateway is not around to answer phone calls.  If you need merchant support it is a flip of a coin as to which company you need to call.  Again, you are 100% better off paying more money with the bigger companies or even doing business with PayPal, because at least they make it much easier for you, and they understand business.  This company don’t.

Their Fraud Department that is supposed to verify a company’s existence which is done from the Department Of State websites, rely on the domain name WHOIS records.  That means that if you have domain privacy turned on because you don’t want spammers to get your email and spam you to death, you will appear as a risk to them.  This is one of the ways they verify your company.  LOL  🙂

The fraud department that is supposed to verify information don’t give out information.  They want you to verify your full details when they don’t want to even give out their last name or extension number.  There was an issue with our new account with them, and they didn’t even pick up the phone and calls us to verify the information.  We sent them an email, they didn’t even respond.  We called them a few times to resolve an issue and Mayko didn’t return phone calls, send any email, or even pick up the phone and call to state the issues.  Because we had a new account they decided to hold some of the money that was processed.  So we told them refund the money back to our customer.  They couldn’t refund the money with their outdated system.  They wanted us to send a refund through our billing system and get charged for it when they were the ones who created the issue to begin with.

To add laughter to misery, the same money that they held due to their drunken fraud system, since they claim that they cannot refund the money back to the customer, they now have to release the money to our company.  LOL.  This is the most insane things we’ve come across in over 11 years of processing credit card.  It took over 37 minutes of being on the phone to even get a last name from Mayko, which she was tricked in giving out.  LOL.  Who is the smoke screen now?  You can’t even give out your information and state for the record who we are talking with, yet you want extra company documents to help us do your job????  You should be fired for being DUMB.

Can you believe it?  They held our money from our client for days, never contacted us, we had to contact them.  It took days to get the right person on the phone which was her job to call us to verify things which she never did.  Now, because we told them to close our account, we don’t need them, they need us… They cannot return or customers money to the customer?????  Why take and hold the money for days if you cannot return it to our client?  Whoever designed you systems need to be brain whopped.  You have no structure from sales, support and customer service.  You need customers to process with you, that is how you get your money.  Customers don’t need you.  When you get that through your thick and foggy brains, then you will be a somebody like FirstData Card Services or even PayPal.

The sad truth is that all the issues could’ve been avoided if their sales representative didn’t give out wrong information.

This company is a total WACK.  Use them and you will see.  Just google Transfirst Merchant Services reviews and you will see.



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