Ubiquity Server Review – Bad Servers

Ubiquity Server which is located in Chicago, IL also found on the web at http://www.ubiquityservers.com/ is the worst datacenter that we have ever done business with “EVER.” We would not even recommend them to our worst enemy or even our competition. To begin with their service is unpredictable, starting with their network, their security, and most important the servers that they lease to their customers. Due to their incompetence they have caused us to lose customers and money.
One of the servers we leased from them apparently had an outage. It took over 1 week to figure this out after the server kept going offline. Of course they just said to reboot it, or it could be a script running. Yah right!! It turned out that the motherboard on the server went out. Now here is where it gets interesting, they never had a replacement motherboard to put into the unit. Keep in mind that most legitimate datacenters have a monitoring system setup to monitor server hardware issues, not to use the customers as a guinea pig or a test dummy. They told us that they would have to order a replacement part that would take 3 – 5 business days for it to arrive. Remember that this was a working server with business and client data on it that are required to run different client operations. Of course we told them that it was unacceptable and that we needed a resolution ASAP. It took them about 2 – 3 days for them to give us another server that was a different brand. Now here is where it gets more interesting…..
The server they provided had different raid architecture than the previous server and now it gave an issue for them to get the data off the old hard drives. It took them another 1 – 2 days for them to tell us that their senior techs could not retrieve the data. WOW!!!!! Their senior tech was located in India, not in the USA. Another WOW!!!! Neither that person or any of their techs in the USA could retrieve our data off the hard drives. (Then in the midst of that was saying that the data was our responsibility).
To resolve that issue, we had to get our technicians to retrieve the data. The total process took almost 2 weeks to get things back to where it was before the server’s hardware failed.
To summarize everything, Ubiquity Server kept quoting their terms and conditions. Funny thing is when we paid them monthly for the servers there was no mention of their terms of service 🙂 .
So as stated above, we would never recommend them to anyone. As a matter of fact, stay away from those guys.

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