Ubiquity Server Stole Company Data

Ubiquity Servers stole company and clients data. Not only did they steal it, they refused to give us back the data they took from us.

A little background information on them: they are owned by Nobis Technology Group and Ubiquity Server or Ubiquity Hosting are subsidiaries.

It all started with them shutting down our servers that we leased from them. They shut down the servers without any given notice. Now remember that we had business operations being run on those servers along with clients business operations. We asked for them to re-active and to let us try and resolve the issue that they had and it ended up that one of their reps told us that they don’t need our business.

We responded by stating that we referred customers to them, it didn’t matter to them either.

We told them that when the customers that was referred to them ask about them and their service that we will tell them how we were handled by them, so to resolve the issue in a positive way. We also said that it can hurt their business due to the fact that it is bad publicity. They saw this as a threat to their company and the issue went from a suspended service to a termination of service. They terminated all the services that we had with them. No advance notice, no courtesy to backup the data, nothing…!!!!!!!!!!

We asked for the data back off the hard drives. They said “NO”. Keep in mind that we also offered to pay.

When asked to speak to a supervisor to resolve the issue, they denied the request.

We told them that if they don’t give us back our company data along with our clients data that they may have a lawsuit, so to simply give us back the data they took from us and our clients. They responded by saying “don’t call back again ever, don’t contact them again”

Now here are the facts. The servers belong to them. The network is theirs. The data belongs to us and our clients (some of which are thinking about a lawsuit). All they had to do to resolve a simple issue like this was to give us back the information off the hard drives on those servers and end things on a “POSITIVE NOTE.”
Now all this drama and unprofessionalism due to “1 guy in the company” who used his ego to explode a simple issue like this. After all those negative remarks, results, encounters from them, we told them let’s try to be positive and resolve this in a peaceable manner. Based on the results so far, it looks like they don’t like to be positive or end things on a peaceable note.


What if we had told them that the information would be posted on our company blog which is constantly indexed by the different search engines?

What if we told them that the information would be put on twitter to over 40,000 + followers (and counting) most of which are businesses or business oriented people?

What if we told them that we would make a complaint against them to the BBB?

What if we also told them that we are a “marketing company” and could issue a press release about their service that could end up in multiple news databases?

What if we told them that we would submit reviews to different web hosting forums?

What if we told them that we could write an article about them and submit it to the different article databases where thousands of webmasters would leach off the information and put it on their websites creating thousands of bad publicity for them (in under 1 week)? Not to mention the other website owners that would leach off from each other.

What if we told them that we could create a video about the service that we received from them and submit it to over 100 video site databases like “YouTube” where thousands of other users could see it?

What if after all of that, we follow through with a lawsuit and sue for damages, loss of income, etc? Not only us but only clients would join as well.


1. We filed a BBB complaint against them via the Better Business Bureau hoping that they could resolve the issue (since Ubiquity told us not to call them back again), and they did not respond or gave a resolution to the issue. Keep in mind that they have an “F” rating according to the BBB’s Website http://www.bbb.org/central-illinois/business-reviews/internet-services/nobis-technology-group-in-bloomington-il-90003793
2. Well of course post this information on our company blog.

3. The information is already on twitter available to over 40,000 followers.

What’s next? 😉

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