VIBE Stock Email Spam – Possible PUMP & DUMP ST

So we got an email from someone who was not one of our clients and someone who we have no clue about stating to buy their stock. Notice how they are not spam compliant. No way to remove ourselves from their list. This email and stock VIBE comes across as a pump and dump. For those of you who are not familar with what a pump and dump is: It’s a method people use to hype up a stock to more than what it is. Get the price to a certain price and then dump it back. This normally causes loss of money to innocent people. These are stocks to stay away from because they will cause you BIG MONEY.

All they are simply doing is issuing press releases to get the stock to go up. After looking on their corporate site (which happens to be a .info site), all they have is a website. There seems to be nothing happening for that company. Most reputable companies don’t use a .info for a domain name.

The copy of the email is listed below:

Sent From: jacco damman
From Email:

To all of my friends who didnt have the opportunity to see me on the six o’clock news last night discussing my blog, and financial-success story. I am forwarding you the News report, so you can read the entire story on how I became financially independent and wealthy.

I couldn�t believe this either but I did it. I bought this stock that my friend told me about and I made $30,000.00 in 2 days and before that I made $12,000.00 in 4 hours! I am only investing $1,500. You told me if I am going to buy another stock to tell you.
It is Vidable Inc. the symbol is VIBE it�s trading at .05 (five cents) this company could hit $1. I am buying 50,000 shares. You should buy it this time; you�re always saying that you need to make money. Buy VIBE.obb if you don�t, don�t ask me about another stocks again.
You have to buy VIBE. Call me later, let me know if you pick some up.

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  1. John H
    June 30, 2012

    Pump and dump, absolutely. I received four emails at once today, from spoofed Yahoo addresses, all sent from a Yahoo app on an Android phone (because the idiots didn’t bother to mask that), all hyping VIBE stock. Phantom company. They could be in the U.S., or using an American front and are operating offshore. No way to know without IT forensics. Avoid falling for the scam. Just delete your emails. And by the way, MOST such hyped stock that arrives as spam or unrequested information is pump and dump, especially penny stocks. Avoid!

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  2. Gordon Brooks
    June 30, 2012

    Another sure sign of pump and dump is that the domain name to the TO: field will be something other than your own. It’s the email version of the old scam where someone would leave a stock tip on your voicemail using someone else’s name to convince you that you “accidentally” got inside information. The domain names are usually legitimate companies, making it appear even more authentic.

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  3. Jason M
    July 3, 2012

    just curious, this kind of practice is clearly dishonest and deceptive, but is it even legal to do? and if it is, what’s to stop people from pretending to fall for it, watch the stock start to rise, then simply dump before *they* do, beat the thieves at their own game, so to speak?

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  4. Why Not Ride it?
    July 5, 2012

    So what if it’s allegedy a pump and dump? Make your money don’t get greedy and get out early…. hey could be the next FB…

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  5. Kam
    July 7, 2012

    Thank you for the advise, they sent me an email on 7/1/2012 from, it’s tempting but I’d rather stay away like you said. Thanks again.

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