Wells Fargo Bank Sucks – A Review From A Real Custom

This is a real review from a Wells Fargo Customer who is a business and personal customer.

A word to the wise. If you are a business or personal customer, take your business elsewhere. These people are not organized and they have a lot of security issues. They are also not very customer friendly. Our business have been a business customer for many years and a personal customer for way over 14 years. Wells Fargo boasts that they have been in business for over 160 years (that’s over 4 generations), but it shouldn’t take them 160 years to fix these simple issues and to be more welcoming and friendly to customers. Use smaller banks or bigger banks like “Bank of America, Chase or Sun Trust.”

Now our story beings….

We were forced to use Wells Fargo due to the merger by Wachovia. During this merger it appears that there were a lot information security issues. Here is one example:

I went to a local Wells Fargo Branch and did a withdrawal and looked at my card and saw that I was using the old Wachovia card. I mentioned to the teller while doing the transaction that I may need a new ATM card. A couple days passed by and the card ended up at a different address than what was on my account. Luckily it was sent to a family member’s address vs. a stranger’s address. The family member called and said that “Wells Fargo Bank” sent you a card and it’s by My home, do you want to pick it up. My response was, “NO WAY.” “It is impossible for the card to be sent there when I have never used your address, so I told him that there must be some error and that the card was fake. The family member’s response was “it is real and it have the correct financial information on the paperwork and card.” I said to this person, if you think it’s real then go ahead and bring it over to my home.

The family member came to my home after a short while and gave the card to me. I still didn’t believe it was real until I called the number on the card to active it. I then gave my information to validate the account and to my surprise I was told by the representative on the phone that “yes it was the right card.” My response was, “then why wasn’t this card sent to the right address?” The rep. on the phone was speechless and had no real answer to give to me. I then told the rep to update the address on my personal account “ONLY” and make sure that it does NOT affect the business profile. He assured me that it will not affect anything.

A short while passed and then I received my statements in the mail. To my surprise they also sent the business statements to my home when they should’ve been sent to the business address. The same address and information I told the guy on the phone “NOT TO CHANGE.” So I called on the phone and asked them to change the information and to make sure that they correct the information to the effect that my personal information and personal account is not mixed in with the business account. I was told that the issue will be fixed.

A short while passed again and now they send my personal account statement to the business address when they assured me that the issue was resolved to where my personal bank account profile was separate from the business bank profile. I then got very upset with Well Fargo and found that I was wasting my time with these people. I called back again and got the regular 1st level rep on the phone and found out that they couldn’t resolve the issue, so I asked to speak with someone in charge like a manager who can fix the issue and assure me that the issue would be solved. So I got this manager on the phone and I basically told them they need to fix the issue at hand. This person assured me that the issue would be a permanent fix.

What I then saw was that whoever designed their system was “drinking alcohol” while working. Their system is in a total disaster. They pools your personal banking information and your business banking information “UNDER 1 PROFILE.” This is a big flaw. When getting a corporation registered you have to get your business tax ID number to separate yourself from the company. The company in essence have it’s own identity separate from you and that is the way you should keep it because of many benefits. Combining yourself with the corporation is called “breaching the corporate veil” and can leave you with lawsuits that can roll over from the company to the individuals and officers of the company. So, you should “NEVER BREAK THE CORPORATE VEIL.” What Wells Fargo is doing is somehow trying to let us breach that veil. You cannot combine company and person together, and further more the personal accounts should never affect the business accounts or vice versa. All business profiles and accounts should be kept “SEPARATE” from the personal accounts and profiles. When we brought up this issue with Bank of America, they said to us that “our personal accounts and profiles are separate from the business accounts and profiles.”

To continue story, I suspected that the issue was not fully resolved. So I took a trip to the banking center. To my surprise, I was right. They “DID NOT” fully fix the issue. By this time I was boiling in anger because this bank is incompetent and now becoming very rude. The business banker told me that in order for me to update the address on one of the business accounts and to have them fix the screw up that they did, that I would have to answer a series of questions. (The reason for this is that when they did the merger and acquisition with Wachovia, all our information was never sent over.) This even got me more upset. I said “WHAT do you mean answer questions to update the business address?” She wanted me to answer how much money we made last year, how many people in the company, along with a bunch of stupid unrelated questions. It was more like we were applying for a business loan to just update the business address on file that they screwed up. I told them that we are “NOT” going to answer those stupid questions to just update a simple issue like changing the address back to what it have been for years before they screwed it up. I asked for the manager and he came over and did the same crap, to the effect to where “hey we really would like to help you but we really don’t need your business.”

The outcome was I told them to close the accounts. Right now there is 1 business account left and it will close soon if they do not respond to this issue at hand.

So I asked the manager, what if I went to the bank where the account was opened do we still have to go through the same issue, his response was “yes.” This was even more ridiculous because they should have the paper work that was filled out when we opened the business account. There is nothing much different than just a different name (Wells Fargo Bank) and some changes in the system. And speaking about their system, the customer service manager told me on the phone that all the issues that we the customers bring to them gets put into a que. My question was, “what are we, lab rats for Wells Fargo?” Wells Fargo should have their system fixed by now especially since they have the money and hired the best people in the industry (yah Right) to ensure that there are no issues like this. Keep in mind that they have been around for over 160 years. LOL (Laughing out loud) LMAOROTF (Laughing my ass off rolling on the floor)

On a serious note and to take things further, if Wells Fargo is reading this message, “If you do not attend to this issue at hand, we will go viral with this story.” Viral meaning super internet viral, and keep in mind that we are also a Marketing and PR company. We would like for you to contact our office and speak with someone in charge so we can attend to these issues.

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